It’s the one year anniversary of Bruce Rauner deciding against passing a real budget to protect the families of Illinois.  The stopgap budget passed is merely a Band-Aid and does not reverse the permanent damage Rauner caused. This Raunerversary means:

  • 52,000 Illinois caregivers who have worked without a full collective bargaining agreement since June 30, 2015 and whose livelihoods have been threatened by Governor Rauner’s proposal of eliminating their health insurance eliminating their training, and freezing their wages, which are the lowest of any workers in the state of Illinois
  •  55,000 FEWER children participating in the Child Care Assistance Program than a year ago, whose parents have to choose between working or going to school to get a better job or taking care of their children
  • Home Care for 45,000 seniors is being threatened by Governor Rauner to the tune of 45% cut to the vital care they receive and that saves the state of Illinois hundreds of millions of dollars.

While Rauner and the 1% celebrate their victory over the working families of Illinois, click on menu at the top of this page to see who wasn’t invited to the party.

Happy #Raunerversary!

Play the video below to see what then-candidate Rauner threatened to do when he became Governor.

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